SHA 2018 Community Development Projects

The Supportive Housing Association continues to pursue financing opportunities to create accessible healthcare services, facilities, and affordable housing for underserved communities. In response to the demand for senior housing the Supportive Housing Association provides rental subsidies and maintenance services for low-income seniors and disabled persons who wish to remain within their community of choice.

Urban revitalization work on behalf of special needs groups continues with the City of Tacoma and the Pacific Avenue Business District. Ecosystem sustainability projects include Envincare, the Solar Leadership project, and the Family Canoe Journey sponsored by Pacific Coast First Nation Communities.

Project 1: Casa Cocina Collaborative


Project definition and a pro-forma have been developed to plan an implementation phase for creation of a network of neighborhood-based cottage kitchens. Planning discussions have involved Centro Latino, Washington State Nutrition Program and the Tacoma Public Library. The initial goal is to develop a business management curricula for presentation to economically segregated community members. In doing so, attendees will learn about 21st century food production concerns and opportunities, necessary business start-up and review procedures required to succeed at becoming a Certified State of Washington Cottage Kitchen operator.


Project 2: Envincare


In 2011 SHA applied and received a State of Washington Home Care License for opperating the Eninvcare Program. Worker training and service interventions emphasized practical solutions to reduce lifecycle impacts and increase independence in daily living. Home care assessment included recommendations for personal care services, help with home maintenance tasks, ideas for energy efficiency, preparation of healthy meals, and sustainable living practices. SHA will continue to advocate for quality services and equitable distribution of training resources to increase the availability of certified Home Care Aides for outreach to economically distressed communities.  



Project 3: First Nation Leadership Exchange Project


SHA has partnered with the Squaxin and Puyallup Tribal Communities to host a cultural exchange with members of the Patayo and PankararuTribes of Aracuai, Brazil. The goal of this educational exchange initiative is to contribute to the installation of a solar pump for furthering a Perma-culture community in Aracuai, Brazil. Students from the University of Washington, Jackson School of International studies are contributing resources to implement a project development plan. In addition, the Puyallup Tribal Nation hosted Aracuai area tribal members to partake in the 2012 Family Canoe Journey and dedication ceremonies. Plans are underway to obtain hosts for the 2017 Canoe journey.


Project 4: Pacific Avenue Business District

SHA will continue to assist with the promotion of community events to include the Pacific Avenue Spring and Street Festival (June 2017),  "Little Bits" mosaics created by Sheridan Elementary students and family members and funded by the Art in the District program,City of Tacoma Cross District Business Association. In cooperation with Historic Tacoma and the City of Tacoma feasibility studies, grant writing and consultation will continue to be provided to east and south end businesses, historic preservation groups and Partners for Pedestrians walk-ability initative. 


Project 5:  White River Housing Association


SHA will continue to support the efforts of the White River Housing Association and their plans for comprehensive planning to benefit Whiteriver area seniors and their families. SHA has provided technical grant writing, GIS Mapping services, and facilitated collaborative working agreements with the White River Housing Association, Rural LISC, Enumclaw Memorial Hospital, Snohomish Senior Services, and Pierce County Community Services.